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Eon's Creatures

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Eon's Creatures

Post by Azbot on Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:20 pm

Eon has numerous creatures, ranging from peaceful grazers to lumbering titans to dangerous predators. Be wise about which ones you choose to hunt, for it may be the last thing you do. This small guide to the inhabitants of Eon will contain two categories, Prey and Predators. Yes, there are predators that can kill your character. Be careful...


Ghanal Hares

Similar to your Earthling hares, these four legged balls of speed are shaped like rabbits, only larger. Big enough to be a nice snack for a hungry dragon. They stand at four feet tall and can run at speeds of 55mph. Their long, twisty ears enable them to hear the whisper of a ladybug treading across a leaf, so you'll have to be seriously stealthy to catch one by surprise. They have fur ranging from earthy tones to forest green, with lighter shades of their body colour forming patterns that, during the day, are hard to make out, but at night, they glow purple, red and all manner of beautiful colours.

The Ghanal Hares are skittish and will not fight. They attract mates using their glowing markings and by challenging other males to fights. Their big feet are perfect for stomping on and kicking their opponent, but they are useless against a ravenous dragon. They reside in the forests of Eon.


The deer of Eon, these hoofed mammals come in all colours. Green, brown, yellow if they are from the plains, in Summer and Spring. In the Autumn months, their coat sheds to become shades of orange, red and gold to hide among the leaves, and then pale silver and white to hide in Winter. They get their name from the single horn protruding from their forehead that curves forward, splitting into three branches perfect for rutting and spearing. Unlike the Ghanal Hares, these will fight back, attempting to impale an attacker that corners it.

These creatures are fearful and shy, preferring to stay in the cover of the long grass or the trees. They will only venture from safety if they are desperate for food or water. They stand at ten feet tall and have lean, honed bodies made for leaping and springing from place to place. They are difficult to catch for an inexperienced hunter or huntress.


Wasp Wolves

Incredibly dangerous to smaller and weaker dragons, Wasp Wolves are the wasps and wolves of Eon. They hunt in packs and have very close family relations. Most family groups range from 5 to 12 members, the strongest packs pushing beyond 16. They communicate with each other over miles of distance using the frills on the back of their skull, which by rubbing together, they create a noise at so high a frequency only their kind can hear it. They are experts at hunting and killing Ghanal Hares and Trihorns, despite the latter being nearly twice their size. They stand at seven feet tall on all fours and are quite dark in colour, covered in a sleek, glossy hide.

What makes them so dangerous are three factors; Their ability to communicate with each other, their stinger and their ability to disappear. Like a chameleon, these guys can fade completely into their background on instinct, making them nearly impossible to spot when they are standing still. At the end of their long, whip-like tails is a stinger. For males, it is vibrantly coloured red, purple and gold, glowing in the dark, which is how they attract mates. For females, it is duller. The venom in the stingers can make a small dragon fall unconscious if stung three or more times, and for larger dragons it can blur vision and cause severe wooziness and throwing up. If stung enough times, you will die.

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